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ক্যাডেট কলেজ ভর্তি পরীক্ষা, ২০০০




ক্যাডেট কলেজ ভর্তি পরীক্ষা, ২০০০

বিষয়ঃ ইংরেজী

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.
Mr Alam’s shop is in Sherpur. He bought it about five years ago. It is a general store. Mr Alam sells all kinds of things in his shop. He keeps all his things on the shelves. There are many rows of tins, packets and bottles. He keeps some small things on the large wooden counter too.

Questions :
(a) What is Mr Alam’s job? (b) What can one buy from a general store?
(c) What does Mr Alam keep in rows? (d) How does Mr Alam keep the rows? (e) How did Mr Alam own his shop?

2. Match a word form the given words near to its meaning with the words at the right.
deposit, handsome, expensive, frightened, withdraw, famous, keep. (a) – costly. (b) – afraid. (c)_good looking (d) – take away. (e) — widely known.

3. Use a word at the left to put into the box from the right.
(a) The dog ¨ on the floor yesterday. (lie/ lay/ laid) . (b) He has ¨ the letter into pieces. (tore/torn/ Torne). (c) There are ¨ in our school. (BAS/ BA`S /BA’s). (d) Cut your ¨ in this sentence. (tes / ts /t’s). (e) I say ¨ m y pen (it it’s/its).

4. Put tick (ü) mark against the correct answer.
(a) An assertive sentence makes a — (i) desire (ii) statement (iii) feeling. (b) Walking is good exercise. Here walking is an example of (i) participle. (ii) infinitive (iii) gerund. (c) A pronoun is a – (i) substituting word, (ii) qualifying word, (iii) connecting word. (d) Which one is a countable noun? (i) chalk (ii) dale (iii) slices of bread. (e) Which verb does not have the same form in all tenses? (i) put, (ii) spread, (iii) weep.

5. Complete the blanks with the right forms of
verbs given below. Dress, rush, get, have, reach, go, hire, stay.
Last year I — to visit my village home by boat. I – up early. I — my breakfast very quickly and – to the river-side. I — a boat.

6. Use the opposite words of the bold words in the blank at the right.
(a) The bus is crowded but the train is – (b) Roads are wide but paths are — (c) The book is boring but the film is – (d) Snails move slowly but rabbits move — (e) The knife is not dull it is

7. Use the suffixes (letters/ part of words) in the box to make words. – en, -able, – full, – Dom, -ant, -err, -ed. (a) A library assist helps the librarian. (b) My father is a buy O of goods. (c) Our country has fought for free (d) The play was enjoy (e) He is a skill worker.

8. Make sentences with the following group verbs.
(a) die of, (b) put on, (c) wake up, (d) fed up, (e) in front of.

9. Change the bold words and rewrite the sentences with one of the given word/ words.

Example : May be he will come today.
Perhaps he will come today.
latest, cautious, at last, tiny, takes, provides, perhaps.

(a) At last he got his job again.
(b) The sun gives us light and heats again.
(c) Our bitch has four tiny puppies.
(d) This is the latest fashion of the day.
(e) You have to be cautious when you climb a tree.

10. Make new five words with the letters of the word HATE.

11. Tick (ü) the correct spelling of the following.
(a) Immediate / Immideate/ Imediate. (b) Millenium/ Millinium/ Millennium (c) Minutes / Minite/ Minet. (d) Çornel/ Kornel Colonely. (e) Achieve/ Acheivel / Acheve

12. Translate the following into English.
a) আমি তোমার চিঠি পাইনি। b) মিথ্যা কথা বলা বন্ধ কর।
c) বৃষ্টি থামার পর আমরা রওয়ানা হলাম। d) এখন পৌনে এগারটা। e) তিনি বাড়ি পৌছে থাকবেন।

13. Write ten sentences on how you spend your weekly holiday.


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