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A Book Fair or Your visit to a book fair




Write a paragraph of 150 words on ‘A Book Fair”. Your writing should address the following questions.

  1. What is a book fair?
  2. When and where was a book fair held?
  3. Why did you go there?
  4. What have you seen after going there?
  5. What was your feeling after the visit?

A Book Fair / My Visit to a Book Fair

A book fair is a kind of fair which is arranged to sell and display books to the book lovers. A book fair is helpful for expending the enthusiasm for reading books. Generally, in a book fair, hundreds of bookstalls are set. However, I visited Ekushe Boi Mela last year. It is this largest book fair in our country which is organized by Bangla Academy on its premises. I went there with my father and younger brother. The fair looked fabulous. It was large and crowded. I move around every nock and corner of the fair with my father. I have seen many bookstalls. All the bookstalls seemed overcrowded. The children’s corner was more crowded than other stalls. I went to those bookstalls as well. My father bought me some books. Besides, I bought some science fiction books and comics. We saw some food stalls as well in the book fair. After walking a long time, we went to a food stall and took some snacks and soft drinks. I saw some literary personalities in the book fair. They were sounded by their fans. I could manage to meet Nirmalendu Goon and took his autographs. I felt very happy after my visit to the book fair. Really, a book fair is a boost for cultural and literary upliftment.


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