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A dialogue about how to learn English




Suppose, you are Rina. Mina is your friend. She is weak in English. She wants to know how to learn English. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Mina about how to learn English.

A dialogue between two friends, Rina and Mina, about how to learn English is given below:

  • Rina: Hello, Mina. How are you going on with your study?
  • Mina: I’m doing quite well in all subjects except English.
  • Rina: English is an international language. We all should be knowledgeable in English.
  • Mina: You’re excellent in English. Tell me how I can do it.
  • Rina: In order to enrich your vocabulary you need to read a dictionary. Grammar will help you write correctly and rich vocabulary will help you use the correct word at the proper place.
  • Mina: How can I develop my power of conversation?
  • Rina: The only way to develop fluency is the practising of speaking English.
  • Mina: Is there anything more?
  • Rina: To enhance your writing capacity you’re to write a few pages in English every day. Moreover, to develop your listening skill you must hear the radio, watch films etc. You should also read books, newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Mina: Thank you for your good suggestions.
  • Rina: You’re most welcome.

Word Meaning

Study – পড়াশুনা; except – ব্যতিত; international – আন্তর্জাতিক; excellent – চমৎকার/ দক্ষ; enrich – সমৃদ্ধ করা; vocabulary – শব্দ ভান্ডার; correctly – সঠিকভাবে; conversation – আলাপ চারিতা; develop – উন্নত করা।


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