A dialogue about the advantages and disadvantages of village life and town life


Suppose, you are Asif. Arif is your friend who does not like town life. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about the advantages and disadvantages of village life and town life.

  • Asif: Hi Arif! How are you?
  • Arif: I am fine, and you?
  • Asif: I am not good. I cannot adjust to my new life.
  • Arif: I completely disagree with the statement the town life is better than country life. It is true that country life has some disadvantages such as no easy means of transport and communication. No good schools or hospitals. But I prefer country life to town life.
  • Asif: Yes. Indeed.
  • Arif: Country life is natural. Town life is artificial. In the country, you are close to nature. People are simple and frank.
  • Asif: But in town, you get the facilities of city corporation such as gas, electricity, water supply.
  • Arif: Besides, good schools, colleges and universities are available in cities.
  • Asif: Yes, that’s why the literacy rate in the town areas is more comparatively in the country areas.
  • Arif: Both places have some advantages and disadvantages. But I like the country area more because of its nice and serene environment.
  • Asif: Thank you very much for your opinion.
  • Arif: You are most welcome.


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