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A dialogue about the cricket match




Suppose, you are Moon and Tania is your friend. Both of you watched à cricket match yesterday. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Tania about the cricket match.

  • Moon : Hello, Tania, how are you?
  • Tania : Fine, thanks. And you?
  • Moon : I am well. Have you seen the cricket match between Bangladesh and India?
  • Tania : Of course, it’s unbelievable.
  • Moon : Cricket is the game of uncertainty. Anything can happen here.
  • Tania : That’s right. But India was not supposed to be defeated,
  • Moon: You see India was my favourite because of previous glorious record. But it is not understood how India could put up such a poor show.
  • Tania : Whatever might be the case, luck or ability, we are very much delighted that Bangladesh team has made the impossible possible.
  • Moon: Yes, of course. Bangladesh team has done a splendid thing and brought glory for us.
  • Tania: Obviously it’s a dramatic win and a great achievement for Bangladesh. I haven’t seen such a contesting and enjoyable game.
  • Moon: So let’s rejoice at the success of our own team.
  • Tania: Meet to thank you. Goodbye.
  • Moon: Thank you. Goodbye.

Word Meaning

Uncertainty – অনিশ্চয়তা; happen – ঘটা; glorious – মহিমান্বিত; impossible – অসম্ভব; possible – সম্ভব; delighted – খুশি; splendid – চমৎকার; glory – গৌরব; obviously – অবশ্যই; dramatic – নাটকীয়; achievement – অর্জন;


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