A Dialogue About the Future Plan after the Publication of JSC Result

Suppose, Salma and Anawara are two friends. Both of them have finished their JSC examination. Now write a dialogue between Salma and Anawara regarding their future plan after the publication of the result.

  • Salma: How are you, Anwara?
  • Anwara: Fine, thanks. How is about your examination?
  • Salma: I think I took it fairly.
  • Anwara: Well. Would you like to talk about your future plan?
  • Salma: Yes, I am. I would like to be an engineer. And for this, I will try to get myself admitted into a well-reputed college after the publication of my result.
  • Anwara: Well. Where do you like to admit?
  • Salma: I would like to get myself admitted into Holy Cross College in science group.
  • Anwara: Nice, I appreciate your idea.
  • Salma: So, please pray for me so that I can be able to fulfil my desire.
  • Anwara: May Allah bless you.

Word Meaning

Examination – পরীক্ষা; fairly – চমৎকার ভাবে; a well-reputed college – নামকরা কলেজ; publication – প্রকাশ; admit – ভর্তি হওয়া