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Suppose, you are Abir. Your friend is Rubel. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of tree plantation.

A dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation is illustrated below:

Abir: Do you know Rahim uncle has cut down his hundred years old trees.

Rubel: Yes I know. And the trees were planted by his father.

Abir: We have to plant a lot of trees. Because only trees can help us survive.

Rubel: Trees also prevent erosion. And without trees, our world will become desert. We will face drought.

Abir: And trees keep the balance of ecology. They help to live wildlife.

Rubel: Trees help us to breathe in and live. It is also a source of our food and daily commodities. Abir: Our fire stick also comes from trees. We get timber as well.

Rubel: Tree is a must for rain. And without rain, our farmer cannot grow anything. As a result of the lack of tree, we will have to starve.

Abir: Tree gives us shade and fruit.

Rubel: We collect food for our cattle from trees. Suppose, leaf of Jackfruit is a food for goat.

Abir: Some trees are used as an important medicine.

Rubel: You are right.

Abir: We will plant more and more trees.

Rubel: And we will persuade the people to plant trees. (Words: 204)

Word Meaning:

Cut down • কেটে ফেলা; a lot of – প্রচুর; survive – বেঁচে থাকা; prevent – প্রতিরােধ করা; erosion – ক্ষয়; desert – মরুভূমি; drought – খরা; ecology – বাস্তুসংস্থান বিদ্যা; wild life • বন্য প্রাণি; breathe • শ্বাস-প্রশ্বাস নেওয়া; daily commodities – নিত্য ব্যবহার্য দ্রব্যাদি; tirmber – কাঠ; starve – না খেয়ে থাকা; persuade – প্ররােচিত করা।

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