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A dialogue about their planning for a picnic




Suppose you are Palash. Your friend is Liton. Both of you want to enjoy a picnic. Now write a dialogue between you and friend Liton about their planning for a picnic.

  • Palash: How do you think of enjoying a picnic?
  • Liton: A good idea indeed. Let us fix up a date and the venue.
  • Palash: What about going to Sonargaon next Friday?
  • Liton: Oh, fine. That is a beautiful and historical place.
  • Palash: Who will be with us?
  • Liton: Only your brothers and sisters and mine. When shall we start?
  • Palash: We shall start at 7 o’clock from our residence.
  • Liton: What about the menu?
  • Palash: Biriani. Don’t you like it?
  • Liton: Of course. But we will cook our food ourselves
  • Palash: OK. But remember I shall take my camera to take snaps.
  • Liton: That’s fine. Goodbye.
  • Palash: Good-bye.

Word Meaning: Indeed – প্রকৃতপক্ষে; fix up – স্থির করা; historical place – ঐতিহাসিক স্থান; start – শুরু করা; residence – বাসস্থান


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