A dialogue on the importance of physical exercise


Suppose, you are Biva and your friend is Bithi. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend on the importance of good health/importance of physical exercise.

  • Biva : Hello, Bithi, how are you?
  • Bithi : Not so good. How are you?
  • Biva : I am fine. What’s your problem?
  • Bithi : I have been suffering from many physical problems; fever, cough, headache etc.
  • Biva : Why? Don’t you take physical exercise?
  • Bithi : I don’t like it. It seems tiresome to me.
  • Biva : But without physical exercise, you cannot remain fit.
  • Bithi : I understand that but don’t know how to do so.
  • Biva : Listen, the most important thing is to get up early in the morning. The fresh air of morning keeps us fit. You should do some easy exercises.
  • Bithi : Such as……….
  • Biva : You can walk in the morning; you can take part in games and sports etc. Another important point is to eat fresh and nutritious food. You have to drink pure water also. You can drink some milk, too.
  • Bithi : I suffer from another problem. I cannot sleep well.
  • Biva : Proper sleep is very important. You must go to bed early and rise early.
  • Bithi. : I think you follow all this that’s why you are fit.
  • Biva : You are absolutely correct. I have to go now. Because my class will start very soon. Bye. Bithi : Bye.

Word Meaning: Physical – শারিরীক; cough – কাশি; headache – মাথা ব্যাথা; seems – মনে হওয়া; tiresome – ক্লান্তি; remain – থাকা; understand – বুঝতে পারা; nutritious food – পুষ্টিকর খাবার; follow – অনুসরন করা; absolutely – সম্পূর্ণভাবে।


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