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A dialogue with your friend about a football match.




Suppose, you are Tasnim. You are fond of watching football match. Now make a dialogue with your friend about a football match.

  • Tasnim: Hello, Sharmin, how are you?
  • Sharmin: I’m fine and you?
  • Tasnim: I’m okay too. Will you watch the football match today?
  • Sharmin: I’m not interested to enjoy because my favorite team has been defeated.
  • Tasnim: My favorite team also. But I am fond of watching TV and enjoy football match.
  • Sharmin: I’m losing interest upon watching football matches.
  • Tasnim: Why? You are fond of this!
  • Sharmin: I was. But could you remember the final match? How hateful the field was!
  • Tasnim: Yes, the players of both teams were rough and they were quarrelling with each other.
  • Sharmin: The referee was also silent and he could do nothing.
  • Tasnim: So, I think, we should enjoy another game as cricket.
  • Sharmin: Okay. You can choose any channel you like most.
  • Tasnim: Thanks for your kindness.
  • Sharmin: No mention. Let us watch.

Word Meaning

Watch • দেখা; interested – আগ্রহী; favorite – প্রিয়; enjoy – উপভােগ করা; remember – স্মরন করা; hateful – ঘৃণ্য; choose – বেছে নেওয়া; kindness – দয়া।


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