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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Of all the outdoor games I like football game most. It is full of excitement and thrills. So, young people and middle-aged people eagerly wait to witness a competitive game. I witnessed a competitive football match on the 12th of this month. It was played between our school football team and the Best Eleven in our town. It was held in the Mirpur Stadium. –

. The game of football is an international game. It is played in a big and open field. A large number of people can enjoy the game. The game is really full of excitement. The duration and co-operation of the game is not long. Otherwise, it teaches us discipline and co-operation. For all these reasons I have been interested in football since my childhood.

The minutes before the starting of the match the players of both the team entered the field. The referee called the players and the managers of the team. Then they were introduced to the chief guest. Then the tossed up the coin. Our School team won the toss. The players took their respective positions. The referee blew the whistle and the ball was kicked off. Now the players of both the teams went into action.

In the first half of the game, both sides made several attacks but to no purpose. It was a very tough fight. Nobody knew which team would win.

In the second half both the sides made several concerted moves. But the defender of each side failed the attacks of the other. The game reached the most critical point. Anything might happen at any moment. Only one minute remained Luck favoured Our School Team. The centre forward player took a very nice pass from the right-winger player and netted the ball. There were wild cheers and claps all around All on a sudden, the time was over.

To be frank, it was a well-played match. About all the teachers and students enjoyed the match.

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