A Journey By Bus

A journey by bus is an interesting pursuit to me. A few days ago I had an opportunity to make a journey by bus. It was my first as well as the most pleasant bus Journey of my life.

It was the month of December. My Annual Examination got over. I had a vacation for some days. My parents decided to go to my uncle’s house in Jamalpur by bus. Hearing the decision my heart danced with joy. On the fixed day we reached the bus station in due time and got into the bus.

It was winter. There was pleasant sunshine. The bus started punctually at 7 A.M. I, keeping myself aloof, sat beside a window and looked outside through it. The sun was rising with all its splendid beauty. Dewdrops on the soft grass and meadows were glittering like pearls. I enjoyed these scenes and sights with a cheerful mind. Things come to my vision and disappeared in the twinkle of an eye. Everything on either side seemed running swiftly to the opposite direction. While the bus was running through the forest the tall trees with green leaves overhead gave a nice view. I was really charmed at the green panoramic beauties of nature. It filled my heart with great joy. The bus ran at a stretch without stopping for two hours. Then it stopped at Bhayra. There was a restaurant by the roadside. We got down from the bus and had light refreshment there.

After sometimes the bus began its journey again crossing the green fields on both the sides of the road. Here and there I saw cattle grazing and farmers working in the field. At 12 noon we reached Jamalpur and thus our journey came to a happy end. Our return journey was equally a pleasant one.

The journey by bus was really a pleasant one. It gave us a lot of pleasure. The journey by bus that I undertook left a permanent impression in my mind. I never forget the sweet memory of this journey. The scene of the memorable journey will never efface from memory still it peeps into my mind when I become tired of the mechanical urban life.