A Journey By Train


In modern days man remains preoccupied with his daily activities and worldly affairs. He has no time to enjoy the beauty of nature and refresh himself. But the journey by train may serve him well if he wants to escape the monotonous urban life and pass the time in the midst of natural beauty.

My annual examination got over. I had a vacation for some days. During this time of the year, the weather is good enough to make a journey. Incidentally, I, with some of my friends took a sudden decision to go to my sister’s house in Chittagong by train. Accordingly, on the appointed day we reached Kamalapur railway station by taxi before sunrise. We bought our tickets and got on the train. The guard blew the whistle, waved his green flag and the train began to move.

The train began running at a full speed. I am fond of scenic beauty from the very beginning of my life. I, keeping myself aloof, sat beside a window and looked outside through it. The sun.was rising with all its splendid beauty. Dewdrops on the soft grass of meadows were glittering like pearls. I enjoyed these scenes and sights with a joyful mind. By this time the train was moving through rural areas. I gazed and gazed at the house, trees, meadows with golden crops and other panoramic views with a cheerful mind. Things came to my vision and disappeared in the twinkle of eyes.

My mind was full of joy. I looked and looked through the window. Everything seemed running swiftly to the opposite direction. The train ran at full speed. Now and then it crossed a bridge over a river with a chattering noise. As it was an express train, it touched only at a few big stations. At about noon when the train entered the Chittagong district I felt great joy seeing the hills on either side of the line as I had not seen a hill before. After eight hours journey, at last, our train reached Chittagong railway station at about 1 p.m. We got down from the train and went to my sister’s house by taxi. Our return journey was an equally pleasant one.

The pleasant and enjoyable journey lasted for a few hours. Despite that, the journey left a permanent impression in my mind. I never forget the sweet memory of this journey. The scene of the memorable journey peeps into my mind in the moment of solitude when I become tired of the mechanical urban life.


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