A Moonlit Night

(a) How is a moonlit night? (b) How does the sky look in the moon lit night? (c) What does a moon light moon offer in the rural areas? (d) Does it have any impact on the poets? What is your feeling about a moon light night?

A moon-lit night is really pleasing. It gives a nice view. The moon shines in the cloudless sky with all her gleams. She looks like a glossy dish of silver. The sparking stars twinkle around the moon and make her more beautiful. The sky looks like a canopy beautified with the shining moon and glittering stars. The moon washes the whole surface with her silvery light. Everything appears to be coated with silver. Rivers, canals and ponds seem to smile in the splendid moonbeam. The trees and creepers look bright and sparking. The moonlit night in the rural areas of Bangladesh really offers a beautiful sight. Dazzling light removes the gloom of the night. It has a great impact on the poets. the poets find an environment to write poems. To me a moon lit night is very charming. I get immense pleasure in a moonlit night. It offers a sight that cheers the mind and leaves a deep impression on it.

Word Meaning গুলাে জেনে নিই Cloudless – মেঘমুক্ত; gleam – কিরণ; glossy – চকচকে; canopy – আচ্ছাদন; surface – উপরিতল; coated – আচ্ছাদিত; splendid – চমকপ্রদ; creepers – শাকপাতা; dazzling – দীপ্তিমান; deep impression – গভীর ছাপ; moon-lit night – চন্দ্রালােকিত রাত; really – preapg; pleasing – oneniu?; nice view – yangi qat; shine – Foto 6732; sparking star – Guffu, ugasils; twinkle – মিট মিট করা; beautiful – সুন্দর; glittering – ঝকঝকে; wash – ভাসিয়ে দেওয়া; surface – পৃষ্ঠভাগ; silvery light – রূপালি আলাে; appear – হাজির হওয়া; coat – আবৃতকরা; seem – মনে হওয়া; rural – গ্রাম; remove – দূর করা;