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Thursday, March 16, 2023

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A visit to a place of historical interest is enjoyable and educative. It takes our mind back to the glorious past. It presents before our eyes old age pictures. Recently I had a visit to Mainamati a place of great historical interest in Bangladesh.

I together with three friends of mine got into the Comilla bound bus from the Saidabad Bus Terminal. We reached there at 10 a. m. the place is about six miles away from the Comilla town. We went there by a baby taxi. The place was isolated. We found many people like us who came to visit the Shalban Bihar. The place is uneven and there hilly areas scattered here and there. I was astonished to see the old relics of the Shalban ‘Bihar. We went to the nearby museum. We went around its different sections and saw the relics of the ancient Buddhist civilization.

It seemed to me that I was at that age then. I forgot about my existence. All these relics suggested old age pictures to another and saw with great curiosity all the things that are worth seeing. Our imagination went back to the distant past and it was greatly stirred. We felt glory in thinking that we had such a rich civilization. I knew many things from the Information Board. We rounded the place several times and then took some refreshment at the restaurant near the museum. We felt tired and started for the Bus Terminal to catch a Dhaka bound bus.

.A visit to a place of historical interest is always instructive. It gives us a piece of practical knowledge about the glorious past. It supplements our knowledge that we get from books. The memory of the visit is still fresh in my mind.

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