Assignment 2


Instructions for Students For Preparing Assignments:

  1. The main objective is to achieve the learning outcomes of the students. This will help you to take the lesson of the next class. So, it is important to follow.
  2. Use the textbooks prepared by NCTB for the academic year 2020 to prepare assignments. There is no need for guide books, or notes bought from the market.
  3. The student’s individuality and creativity will be verified in the assessment. So if you submit an assignment by copying someone else’s writing, it will be canceled and you will have to submit that assignment again.
  4. Assignments should be written directly in your own hand. It will be useful to understand the subject as well as the practice of handwriting.
  5. When writing an assignment, you can use any type of white paper (preferably A4 size). However, name, class, roll, subject and title of the assignment should be clearly written on the cover page.

Download Second Assignments Pdf:

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