Composition on Digital Bangladesh

Broadly speaking, a digital society is an ICT driven knowledge-based society where information will be readily available online and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and also private spheres will be processed using the modern technology. So, “Digital Bangladesh” must guarantee efficient and effective use of modem ICT in all spheres of the society with a view to establishing good governance.

Composition on A PostMan

The postman is a very familiar figure in our society. He is a very humble and dutiful government servant. He brings us news from our near and dear ones living at distant places. He is known to all sections of people for his services. Even children can instantly know him when he knocks at the door.

Composition on Television

The television is a wonderful gift of science. Indeed it is one of the seven wonders of modern science. An English scientist named Bayard invented the television in 1926. But the system had to be gradually improved by many other scientists before it could be successfully utilized by Bayard to make the modern television.

A Journey By Train

In modern days man remains preoccupied with his daily activities and worldly affairs. He has no time to enjoy the beauty of nature and refresh himself. But the journey by train may serve him well if he wants to escape the monotonous urban life and pass the time in the midst of natural beauty.

A Journey By Bus

A journey by bus is an interesting pursuit to me. A few days ago I had an opportunity to make a Journey by bus. It was my first as well as the most pleasant bus Journey of my life.

A Journey By Boat

A journey by boat is very pleasant as well as interesting. At the same time it is something like a thrilling adventure to man living in a city. Being confined in a noisy and crowded city like Dhaka, I looked for a chance for a journey by boat.

Value Of Time

Time is the most valuable thing in our life. It is more valuable than health and wealth. Our life is made of moments and hours. So to kill time is shorten life. * Time and tide wait for none. Once time is passed they never come back. But they differ from each other too. Time does not follow in vain. It makes the land fertile when it passes away. If it is wasted, it makes our life barren and if utilized, it makes us happy.

Composition on Discipline

Discipline means obedience to rules and order of superiors. It is valuable in all walks of life. No society organization or institution or even family can exist without discipline. Lack of discipline brings about disorder, chaos for confusion. It is the very foundation of civilized life.