Changing sentences: Exercise

Exercise 01

  1. Nobody likes an angry man. (Interrogative)
  2. Anger is a vice. (Negative)
  3. It begets nothing but the worst. Affirmative
  4. Anger is one of the most inhuman vices. Positive
  5. So, we should control anger for our own sake. Passive
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1. Who likes an angry man? 2. Isn’t anger a vice? 3. It begets only the worst. 4. Very few vices are as inhuman as anger. 5. So, anger should be controlled by us for our own sake. 

  1. We we are proud of our freedom fighters. Interrogative
  2. Their contribution will never be forgotten. Affirmative
  3. Their sacrifice is great. Exclamatory
  4. But today many of them lead a very miserable life. Negative
  5. Broker initiative mein improve their condition. Passive

  1. Frugality is a good habit. Negative
  2. A frugal man does not like to spend money without reasons. Affirmative
  3. We we should practice it. Passive
  4. He can save money. Interrogative
  5. He leads a happy life. Exclamatory

  1. None can prosper in life without industry. Interrogative
  2. The idle always lag behind. Negative
  3. Hard work is very essential to succeed in life.
  4. A a hard working person can see the light of prosperity. Passive
  5. We cannot but work hard to be established in life. Affirmative