Composition on A PostMan

The postman is a very familiar figure in our society. He is a very humble and dutiful government servant. He brings us news from our near and dear ones living at distant places. He is known to all sections of people for his services. Even children can instantly know him when he knocks at the door.

A postman is known to us all for his traditional uniform and dress. He generally wears a khaki uniform supplied by the postal department. He always carried a bag on his shoulder containing letters, money orders, parcels and other postal articles for delivery. He is seen to carry an umbrella over his head during rains and the summer.

The postman performs a lot of duties. His daily work begins in the post offices with the sorting of letters, parcels, money orders etc. After collecting letters, parcels, money order etc. from the post office he goes out on his beat. The postman in a town goes house to house to deliver them. He generally drops the letter in the private letterboxes. Where there is no letterbox he drops the letters through some opening of the doors.

A village postman goes on his beat twice on thrice a week. Sometimes he is seen to use a bicycle. He comes to the market place on that day and delivers letters, parcels, money orders etc., to their addresses. He delivers everything to the addresses with great care. – A postman should have some good qualities. He must be punctual, dutiful, sincere, honest and hardworking. He is a good man and a good friend to us indeed. He never neglects his duties though he is ill-paid, ill-clad. In all weather, whether good or inclement he performs his duties sincerely,

The postman is a great friend of the people. He does a very important job. He brings news from our friends and relations. We always hope that he will bring some good news, and we eagerly wait for him. Sometimes he brings bad news and makes us unhappy and sad. But when he brings good news our heart fills with pleasure and joy. This is why the postman is always welcomed by all. It reminds us of the rhyme:

“Postman, postman, don’t be late

Pass the letter over the gate.” A postman is a very useful person to us. We cannot thing a civilized society without his services. He performs the most responsible job in society. But it is a matter of great regret that he gets a very poor salary for which he always remains in wants. We hope our government would like an immediate step to improve his lot.