Composition on Student Life

Student life is the most important part of every life. Our whole future depends on it. Student life is called the seed time of life.

During student life, our main duty is to acquire knowledge. For that, we should read newspapers and magazines. They will enrich us mentally. We should organize debate and essay competitions in the school. We should write articles for the school magazine. All these will help us to become good speakers or writers in life they will prepare us for the battle of life.

Character is the crown of a man. It includes good manners, honesty, and truthfulness, self-discipline etc. Student life is the proper time to cultivate these qualities.

During the long vacation, we can take part in social service, we can organize nursing parties. During the time of epidemic or famine, we can help people in many ways. It gives us practical training for the battle of life.

A student should not study all the time. Besides studying he has many other duties to perform for his future welfare. After school hours we should take physical exercise. We can take part in various games and sports which make us strong. They teach us the value of discipline.

Student life is the happiest period of our life. We are free from worries in this period. We feel happy in the company of our friends but we should avoid the evil company. We should not keep company with those who smoke and are nonsense.