Computer – Paragraph


(a) What is a computer? (b) Who invented it? (c) What does it do? (d) What can the fastest computer do? (e) What are the usages of a computer?

Now the total world is computer-based. It is a blessing for us. But it was not invented overnight. Many intelligent persons have worked hard for a computer. But Charles Babez has contributed much to invent the computer. Of course, Computer is one of the wonders of modern science. Nowadays it has become an essential part of our everyday life. At one time, a few people had computers to use. But now, a huge number of people use it for different purposes. Business, education, medical sector, technology, research, computing, playing games, watching movies, browsing the net, calling to anyone at any part of the world, using facebook and twitter etc-almost everything can be done through a computer. By using a computer, doctors can easily find out difficult diseases. Computers help us communicating with the whole world. We can send e-mails; keep in touch with friends and family members through facebook by using the internet. The fasted computer can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. In short, a computer is not a luxury now, It has made our life easy and removed our loneliness.


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