Do you like a Nakshi Kantha or an ordinary Kantha? Why? Assigned Task


Assignment: How to Make Pudding / Pudding Recipe

Yes, I like Nakshi Kantha because Nakshi kantha is a form of embroidered quilt. It has a long tradition Bangali region. The name “Nakshi Kantha” was derived from the Bengali word “naksha” which refers to artistic patterns. It is said to be indegenious to Bangladesh and West Bangal of India. Nakshi kantha is made all over Bangladesh, but Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Faridpur and Jessore are famous for nakshi kantha. Today ‘Nakshi Kantha’ is treated as a traditional form of folk art and it is found in top handicraft shops

Nakshi Kantha is comfortable to wear specially at the start of winter. Besides, The culture of rural Bengal has been presented through this craft work, Nakshi Kantha. Previously, Nakshi Kantha was made for family use. Nowadays, this artistic work is made commercially. This craft work is a carrier of our rich cultural heritage.

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