English Assignment Class 6 (First Day at School)


Think of your first day at school. What experience did you have then? How did you feel- happy, frightened, thrilled or shy? Why did you feel so? In your writing use the following cues:
a. When did you go there?
b. Who did you go with?
c. How did you go there?
d. Who did you meet there?
e. What did you see there?
f. What was interesting/boring to you? Why?
g. How did you feel after returning home?

My First Day at School

My first day at the new school was interesting. I was going to school with my father in a rickshaw. We reached school after fifteen minutes. My father said goodbye and left me at the school gate. I went in and found that everyone had gone to class. I walked into my classroom and found a seat. After some time a teacher came and warmly greeted us. I found the students very friendly in my new class. After returning from school, I missed my class very much. I started waiting for the next class.



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