English Assignment Class 8


Unit 05: Lesson – 04 (Kartik Poramaniik is an inspiration…)

“Kartik Poramanik is an inspiration for us.” Yes, I do agree with this statement.

Kartik Poramanik is a man who loved nature without any selfish motive. He was a hairdresser by profession but at heart, he was a nature lover. Poramanik has a strong love and affection for trees. When he was a boy of 10 years old, he started planting trees. He understood that trees are the real companion of man. At one time there were no trees in his area. People had to suffer under the scorching heat of the sun. But now for his contribution, there are many trees in his locality.

You may also need: Why do you think that the title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful dove”?

Actually, trees are men’s real companions. They give us food, shelter, wood, furniture, etc. Most importantly, they give us oxygen. They maintain ecological balance. Excessive carbon dioxide is harmful to our environment. We, human beings, are producing carbon dioxide. Thus, we are harming our environment. Whereas, trees help us to protect our environment and habitats. These real friends are being cut down by unwise people without any consideration around the world.

Kartik Poramanik chose a different path. He sailed his boat to the opposite of the current. He started the tree planted mission instead of cutting down trees. So, he is an inspiration for everyone who loves nature. I, myself, become inspired by this great man to plant saplings in my yards.

Unit 05: Lesson -07 (The Truthful Dove-3)

The title is appropriate for the story “The Truthful Dove”. The story is written about a truthful dove. The story tells that a Dove and a Bat were good friends. One day they set for an adventure. They flew miles. In the evening they reach a big jangle. It was a stormy night. They started to look for a shelter. At last, they found a shelter in an old grumpy owl’s nest.

You may also need: Kartik Poramanik is a inspiration for us. Do you agree. Why and why not?

Owl shared his food with much reluctance. The Bat started to flatter the ower by praising falsely to get more food. On the contrary, the Dove thanked the owl for his kindness. As a result, the dove had to face humiliation.

In our society, there are some people who are like the Bat. They take the path of materialistic benefit. On the other hand, we have truthful persons in our society as well. The story, tells about the truthful dove to inspire us to be truthful in our practical life. So, I think the title is relevant to the story.

HW: A Paragraph on how you can help the gypsy children with the learning.

How I help the gypsy children with the leaning

In our village, there lives a group of river gypsy people and I am helping the gypsy children with the learning. I live in Munshigonj district. My village is located near the Padma river. At the edge of my village, a group of gypsy people lives. Locally, they are known as Bedhay. As they don’t have any permanent settlement, their children can not go to conventional schools. For them, a voluntary organization comes up with a boat school. The school is located on the boat. I am involved with this organization. We know that education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without education. So, to increase the literacy rate we must help the downtrodden families in society. As a student, I have a responsibility to help these gypsy people. So, at weekend, I go to the boat school and took classes for the gypsy children. I have taught them the importance of hygiene so that they can stay healthy and sound. Besides, general education, I teach them about health, society, fast aid, morality etc. I also teach them how to earn their livelihood in future life. These people are a part of our culture and our water bodies. So, we should come forward to help them.



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