English Grammar

Grammar is the rules and regulations of any language. Alike every language, English language has some grammar rules. Here we are presenting some grammar rules.

  1. Sentence 
  2. Parts of Speech
  3. Noun
  4. Articles
  5. Infinitives
  6. Tense
  7. Voice Change
  8. Right Form of Verbs
  9. Subject-Verb Agreement
  10. Narration
  11. Tag Question
  12. Rules of Cloze Test with and without clues
  13. Conditional Sentences
  14. Completing Sentence 
  15. Suffix Prefix



Transformation of Sentence with Exercise

1. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. (a) Rana is one of the most meritorious boys in …

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ইংরেজি ভাষায় কিছু Noun -এর পূর্বে a, an, the ব্যবহার করে Noun এর নির্দিষ্টতা বা অনির্দিষ্টতা বুঝানাে হয়। তখন ঐ …

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Narration Exercise Optative Sentence

Change the following sentences from direct narration to indirect narration 1. They said. “Long live our president.” 2. Mr. Sumon …

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Narration Exercise Imperative Sentence

1. Father said to his son. “Don’t quarrel.” 2. Father said to his son, “Go to school now.” 3. Father …

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Tense and Its Classification in English Grammar with Examples pdf

What is Tense? Observe the following sentences: Nehal plays football. He played football yesterday. He will play tomorrow. The verb …

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Completing Sentence

Would you mind: (কিছু মনে করবেন কি?) Would you mind taking a cup of tea? Would you mind opening the …

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Conditional Sentences

The Sentence which refers to a condition is called conditional sentence. Conditional sentence তিন প্রকার। First Conditional: If clause দ্বারা …

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Voice Change Exercise – Interrogative Sentence

In English Grammar, voice change is a very important part of sentence form transformation. Actually, it expresses whether a verb …

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Adverb and Its Classification

Definition of Adverb: An adverb is a word used to qualify any parts of speech except noun or pronoun. – …

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What is infinitives?

An infinitive is the base form of the verb but it has different functions. It sometimes works like a noun …

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Suffix Prefix Exercise for JSC

What are Suffix and Prefix? It is a process of making new words from a root word by placing some …

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Narration Exercise Interrogative Sentence

Change the following sentences into indirect sentences: Do you want a single or double room?’ the receptionist said to the …

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Narration – Assertive Sentence

Change the following sentence into indirect: Father said, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Father said, “The earth moves round …

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Narration Exercise with Solution

Narration Exercise – Detached Sentence Assertive Father said, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Father said, “The earth moves round …

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What is Proper Noun?

Definition of Proper Noun: A proper noun is a noun used to name individual person, place or any organization. It …

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Concrete Noun কী?

What is Concrete Noun ? A noun that refers to a real physical object. -Cambridge Dictionary. A Concrete Noun is …

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What is Abstract Noun?

Abstract noun is the noun which exists in our mind only and we cannot recognize them through our senses such …

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Noun and its classification

What is noun? Noun is a word used as the name of a person place or thing. It is a …

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Parts of speech

Parts of speech অত্যন্ত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ একটি topic. Tense ও grammar এর অন্যান্য নিয়মাবলী শিক্ষালাভ করার পরে একটি মাত্র নিয়মের প্রতি …

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Voice Change Rules in Bangla

সাধারণ অর্থে Voice অর্থ কণ্ঠস্বর। কিন্তু ব্যাকরণে একে বলা হয় বাচ্য। Verb-এর যে Form দ্বারা কর্তা যখন কাজটি নিজে করে …

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The use of the right form of verbs

Rule-1: If the Subject is singular, the verb will be singular: Singular Subject – Singular verb plural subject – plural …

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Learn Tag Question Rules Easily

Tag শব্দের অর্থ জুড়ে দেওয়া এবং Question শব্দের অর্থ প্রশ্ন।যেমনঃ I am going to school, aren’t I?সাধারনত ৩ ধরনের sentence- …

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Sentence and its classification

According according to Oxford dictionaries online: a sentence is a set of words that is complete itself typically containing a subject and predicate conveying a statement, question, exclamation or command and consists a main clause and sometimes one or more sub-ordinate clauses.


Subject Verb Agreement | Part 02

Related posts: Subject Verb Agreement কোয়ারেনটিন, আইসোলেশন ও সোশাল ডিসটেনস কি জেনে নিন করোনা পরিস্থিতি এবং কিভাবে মুক্তি পাবে বাংলার …

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Subject Verb Agreement

  Related posts: Subject Verb Agreement | Part 02 কোয়ারেনটিন, আইসোলেশন ও সোশাল ডিসটেনস কি জেনে নিন করোনা পরিস্থিতি এবং …

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Rules of Cloze Test with and without clues

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] What is Cloze Test? The Cloze test is a passage with gaps. Basically, …

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Changing sentences: Exercise

Exercise 01 Nobody likes an angry man. (Interrogative) Anger is a vice. (Negative) It begets nothing but the worst. Affirmative …

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Right Form of Verbs

Rule-1: Singular Subject = Singular verbplural subject = plural verbExample: i) Shahir is a meritorious student. ii) Vehicles create traffic …

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