History of Bangladesh in details class 6

  1. When was the state of Pakistan born? answer Pakistan was born in 1947.
  2. Who is the architect of Bangladesh? answer bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the architect of Bangladesh
  3. How many parts were Pakistan divided into from 1947 to 1971? Answer in two parts
  4. Who declared the independence of Bangladesh? answer Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Independence of Bangladesh
  5. When did Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declare the independence of Bangladesh? Answer: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh in the first hour of 26th March 1971.
  6. When did the Pakistan army arrest Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman? answer the Pakistan army Sheikh Mujibur Rahman right after he declared the independence of Bangladesh on 26th March 1971
  7. What was the first thing that the Pakistanis attacked? Pakistanis first attacked the Bengali culture that is Bangla.
  8. Under whose leadership did the Bengali Nation Unite? Answer: the nation United under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  9. which age is called the stone age? answer prehistoric is called stone age
  10. In which district is Uari – Bateshwar located? answer Narsingdi
  11. Which is the first urban civilization in the Indian subcontinent? Answer: the first and Civilization in the Indian subcontinent is the Indus civilization.
  12. in which district the Mahasthangar located? answer: Mahasthangar is located in Bogra.
  13. Ashoka who was the emperor of which era? answer Ashoka was the emperor of the Mauryan era.
  14. from which error can the detailed history of Bangladesh be found? Answer: we can know about the detailed history of Bangladesh from the Gupta Era.
  15. which region of the subcontinent was mainly ruled by the Guptas? Answer: the region of the subcontinent was mainly ruled by the Guptas.
  16. Which region in Bangladesh was ruled by Shashanka? Answer: Answer Shashanka was the ruler of the Gupta region.
  17. which emperor built 50 Buddhist monasteries? Answer: King Dharmapala.
  18. In which region did Bangladesh achieve excellence in architectural art? Answer: During the Pala regimes Bangladesh achieved excellence in architectural art.
  19. Which book is recognized as the ancient example of the Bangla language? Charjapada
  20. Who established Muslim rule in Bangladesh? Answer: Ikhtiyar uddin Mohammand bin Bakhtiyar Khilji.
  21. In which year did the Sultani regime end? Answer? The Sultani regime ended in 1526.



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