How To Become A Good Student – Paragraph

 Becoming a good student is not so easy. To become a good student one needs to possess some qualities like, punctuality, sincerity, honesty. One should attend school or college regularly. One should be sincere in preparing lessons. Besides, one should speak the truth and keep honesty everywhere. One must be attentive to studies to do well in exam. One should follow a routine. In accordance with a routine one should lead one’s student life which surely brings success, no doubt. One must be active and nimble to do the work of commitment. Idleness may be grown and so one should be conscious of avoiding this. Otherwise, one will face downfall. One may fail to do any work at first time. For this one should have patience. An impatient student cannot do well in life. Besides, there is a saying “Practice makes a man perfect.” If one fails to do any work in student life, one should practice it frequently. And then one can be perfect, no doubt.