how to earn money in student life in Bangladesh


Question: How to Earn Money in Student Life in Bangladesh?

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If you want to know how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh, this post will help you to find some steps to earn money online.There are many ways you can earn money online. Today I am sharing the top 05 steps to earn money online as a student in Bangladesh or how to earn money in student life in Bangladesh.

Let see the top five ways to make money online in student life in Bangladesh

1. Blogging:

As a student my first choice was blogging. I still choose blogging as the most interesting way to earn money online being a student in Bangladesh. In student life you can start blogging but for these you need dedication and perseverance. it is true that from blogging if you want to earn money it will take time. but it is a passive income source so if you can establish once, It will be an interesting source of earning for you in the future. The best way you can start blogging without any cost is by choosing From this site you can make your own blogging website and when you will get enough visitors you can earn money from that blog. Google AdSense is a partner program of these so you can easily get ads in your blog. But to be successful as a blogger you need tricks and techniques. I am suggesting you to start now and gradually you will learn how to be a successful blogger.

2. Freelancing:

Freelancing can be an effective way to earn money online. It is much more professional then blogging. So, to be a freelancer you must have some efficiency or skill in any side of online platform. You can gather knowledge of web development, scriptwriting, app development, programming language, drawing, painting, logo designing, video making, and many more. to be a freelancer start training right now and choose your passion for any one of these. become a master of that topic and expose yourself online. for freelancing some well known are,,, and so many others. if you have any talent make a profile on these websites freelancing. There are many people in Bangladesh who are engaged in launching right now. Being a student they are earning a lot of money and foreign exchange for Bangladesh.

3. YouTubing:

Now a days youtubing is getting more popular than any other online activity around the world. Bangladeshis are not different from this trend. There are so many people in Bangladesh making blogs on YouTube, or they’re making troubleshooting, giving online suggestions, making online tutorial videos. This way, they are earning a handsome amount of money for their own and their family as well. YouTube is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. but for this, you need some creative talent, the techniques to capture video properly. You can start YouTubing with your smartphone you don’t need anything else at the beginning level. Just go to YouTube and create a channel for your own. Do something interesting and capture that video. This way upload an interesting video regular basis when your channel will be e eligible for monetization you can start earning from that channel.

4. Affiliate marketing:

You can start affiliate marketing of different websites and their products. In affiliate marketing a person refers to a product or a group of products to a particular person or a particular group of people. when any one of these people buys this product or anyone of these products, a certain percentage of profit will be given to the product. You can earn a handsome amount of money. is one of the best websites for referral programs.

5. Selling online courses:

In online, You may find there are some websites that offer online courses but they are not free. you have to buy the courses from that website like,,,, and many more. If you think if you have any skills like web development, Photoshop, YouTubing, data structure, programming, web development and management, e-commerce, Writing, drawing, painting anything else. you need to sign up on those websites and create a course for your students. by selling those courses you can earn a good amount of money online.

I have talked about the top 05 ways to earn money online. I think you have got your answer to the question of how to earn money online as a student in Bangladesh for how to make money online staying home. there so many other ways to earn money being a student in Bangladesh but in this post I have mentioned some online jobs that can help a student to earn some money online.


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