How To Make A School Garden – Paragraph

In order to make a school garden, you have to follow some steps. First, you have to seek permission from the Headmaster. Then a suitable land should be chosen. The land should be sunny and free from flood-water. It will be good if the land is near a pond or a tube-well. It will be easy to water the plants in the garden. Then you have to prepare the land. Dig deep into the ground with spades and make the soil loose. Break the soil into small pieces by using hoes. Pull out the weeds and level the soil with a leveler. You can mix compost with the soil. After that, you can sow seeds or plant saplings. You should plant saplings in rows. Plants can grow vegetables or flowers in your garden. Finally, put a fence around the garden. It will protect the garden from the cattle. Following these steps, you can make a school garden.

Word Meaning: In order to- জন্যে; follow- অনুসরণ করা; step- ধাপ; seek permission- অনুমতি চাওয়া; suitable- উপযােগী; sunnyসূর্যকরােজ্জ্বল; Dig- খনন করা; deep- গভীর; ground- ভুমি; spade-কোদাল; make the soil loose- মাটি আলগা করা; Break- ভাঙ্গা; Pull out the weeds- আগাছা সরিয়ে ফেলা; leveler- মই; compost- মিশ্র সার; soil- মাটি; sow seed – বীজ বপন করা; plantরােপন করা; sapling- চারাগাছ; row- সারি; fence- বেড়া; protect-রক্ষা করা; cattle- গৃহপালিত গবাদি পশু।