How To Open a Bank Account – Paragraph

Bank is a place where the money is deposited and withdrawn when necessary. It ensures the security of people’s money. However, if one wants to open an account with a bank first he should go to the bank and meet the manager. Then he will tell him that he wants to open an account with the bank. The manager’ will give him a form. He will also give him some instructions to fill it up. Next, he has to be introduced by someone who has an account with the same bank. The introducer will put his signature on the form. He will also give his address and his account number in his application form. Then he has to attach two passport size photographs. Photographs should be attested by the introducer. After that, he will put his specimen signature on the signature card. He will use this signature to operate his account. Completing all these formalities, finally he will have to deposit some money on his account number with the bank. This is how to open an account with a bank.

Word Meaning: managerব্যবস্থাপক; instruction- নির্দেশ; fill- পূরণ করা; signature- স্বাক্ষর; address- ঠিকানা; account- হিসাব; attach- যুক্ত করা;