Important creative question Bangladesh and global studies class VIII


Creative Question 1

Teacher said, “the British wanted to make their rule stronger in India. With this they started to create an English educated class that would remain loyal to them. A new inspiration around in the local people due to coming in touch with the modern education. The flourishment nationalistic feelings inspired by patriotism in another Hallmark of modern education. The desire for independence and democratic right started to spring up in people’s mind.

  1. When did the rule of East India company come to an end?
  2. What is the famine of 76?
  3. “a new inspiration arrest the local people due to coming in touch with the modern education” what was the result of this new inspiration?
  4. “The flourishment of nationalistic feelings inspired by patriotism is another Hallmark of modern education” – justify this statement.

Creative Question 2

Mr Rohim Talukdar became the chairman of village sundarpur of his young age but from the very beginning sum of his relative made conspiracy against him for personal interest and dethroned him.

  1. Who established independent sultani rule in Bengal?
  2. How was the rule of the company abolished?
  3. With which reason of the defeat of Sirajuddaula has similarities with the reason mentioned in the stem?
  4. Do you think that the mention reason is the only reason for the defeat of Siraj ud-daula? Give opinion.

Creative Question 3

Many revolutionary scholars and social reformers started to fight against the British colonial rule in our subcontinent in the last period of 17th century. Consequently, Bengal under independent by mass rising of all classes people.

  1. What do you mean by Renaissance?
  2. Write down some Bengali social reformers contribution during that period.
  3. How did Indian subcontinent become independent?
  4. What are the ultimate result of anti British movement?

Creative Question 4

Shamim, a student of class viii, went to visit his friend. In his friend’s locality, he discerned many political changes. A
big change is appraised between the ruling system of his and his friend’s area. Then he came to know the reasons of the
matter. Actually he could view the decline of a party.
a. When was Indian Rule act passed?
b. What do you mean by Dual Administration?
c. Which Historical event is seemed to be the event witnessed by Shamim? Explain.
d. What are the causes of the event? Explain.

Creative Question 5

Country “X” was governed by the people of country “Y”. Mr Smith worked to develop some of the areas of Country ‘x’.
Two social workers helped him to invalidate some preconceptions from the society. They worked together for the welfare of
the people. Some wealthy persons established some educational institutions for better education of the country ‘y’.
a. What do you mean by company rule?
b. What is called the proposal tabled by A. K Fazlul Huq? Explain.
c. Which occurrence of Indian Subcontinent is similar to steps of Mr Smith and the aforesaid wealthy persons? Describe.
d. “Present India is the result of the steps of the persons of then Bengal”. Explain.

Creative Question 6

Shuha, a student of class vi is very interested to know about update information. If she finds any difficulties, she can
solve it very quickly by the help of an important medium. Once she met with her grandfather Sarder Ali and became very
pleased by seeing many things practically. She saw hut, farming etc in the locality of her grandfather.
a. What is called Imitation?
b. Which institution of socialization helps children to develop fellow feelings, cooperation, patience and qualities of
leadership? Describe.
c. Which media helps Shuha to attain update information? Explain with logic.
d. Is there any difference between the socialization process of Shuha and her grandfather? Explain.

Creative Question 7

Two steps to control population are described below.
Step 1: People are encouraged to accept family planning programme. Service is also given to the health of mother and
child, vaccination, injection and nutritional education.
Step 2: Plan to ensure Medicare and health and family planning programme is also going on.
a. When is the population day observed in Bangladesh?
b. What are the objectives of population policy of Bangladesh?
c. Describe the type of the initiative of step-2 in the light of your text book.
d. Which Authority serves for the implementation the activity of step-1? Explain.