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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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21st February is celebrated international mother language day all over the world. This day is declared as international mother language day to show respect for all mother language of the world. This day is significant in the history of Bangladesh. In 1952, the brave son of Bangladesh laid down their lives to save the honor of the mother tongue. After the independence of Pakistan from the British colony, Muhammad Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the then president of Pakistan declared that only Urdu will be the state language of Pakistan although majority of the people of Pakistan spoke Bangla. The brave son of this land did not accept this declaration. They demanded the rightful owner of the mother tongue Bangla. This started revolt against the the declaration of the president. Government declared section 144 to stop the revolt. The agitated students and the people did not obey section 144. They broke out procession violating section 144. Pakistan police opened fire to the agitated people. With Rafiq, Shafiq, Jabbar, Barkat and some other unknown people died. From that day every year we are celebrating this day as Shaheed day. In 17th November 1999, UNESCO declared this day as international mother language day. This is a great honour for bengalis. In this day, we pay homage to to the language Martyrs. The day’s programme started with paying floral wreath to Shahid Minar by the president and prime minister. People from all classes show homage and respect to the language Martyrs on this day. This day is a public holiday. People from all around the world observe this day as international mother language day. Through this day all the people get a chance to be aware for keeping proper respect of their own mother language.

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