JSC English Suggestion 2021

JSC English Suggestion: Seen Passage

In JSC examination, there will be a seen passage. From this passage question, no 1 and 2 will come. You have solve MCQ and Question Answer from this passage.

  1. Nakshi Kantha is a ….. embroidered on them.
  2. The word ‘hygiene’ …… and happy life.
  3. There is a small village… setting up her boutique.
  4. Shamima’s misery ……. famous designer.
  5. Once upon a time, a……think about me?
  6. River gipsies are an…or special powers.
  7. Thousands of years ago, the first pearl… for good luck
  8. Zara lives with her …….. in the forms.
  9. Communication of ideas… changed our life.
  10. The ethnic people in ….. sport for them.

JSC English Suggestion: Unseen Passage

From the unseen passage, you have to answer the question no 3 and 4. One is information transfer table and the other is true-false.

  1. Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir ……… of Bir Shreshtha.
  2. Humayun Ahmed ….. He was buried in Nuhash Palli.
  3. Mother Teresa, the servant ……….. compassion for humanity.
  4. Zainul Abedin was born… May in 1976 in Dhaka.
  5. The Nobel prize is ……………… inventing X-ray
  6. Begum Rokeya was… into deep grief.
  7. John Donne was born ……………. on October 22, 1954
  8. Dr Mohammad Shaidullah ……. with gratitude and respect
  9. Rabindranath Tagore…. with great respect
  10. The pioneer of Bangladeshi …………… in Mymensingh.

JSC English Suggestion: Cloze test with clues

  1. Physical exercise means the regular ………
  2. Mainul Islam is a qualified farmer in Naogaon….
  3. Travelling is very interesting. It is a ………..
  4. Students should not (a)____ themselves ……..
  5. Student life is the most useful and (a)______ ….
  6. Trees are our constant companions in ………
  7. Nature has made an (a)____ ……………………..
  8. Women are now-a-days as important……….
  9. Trees are our constant companions….
  10. Dengue fever is one of the fatal (a)_____…..

JSC English Suggestion: Cloze test without clues

  1. Honesty is a great virtue. It helps a man…..
  2. Newspaper is the store house of (a)_______
  3. Truthfulness is a (a)____ virtue. It is ……….
  4. A really good book is one (a)_______a reader….
  5. Traffic jam is a regular phenomenon ……..
  6. December 16 is our Victory Day……………
  7. Bangladesh is a small country. But ……….
  8. Patriotism is love for one’s (a)_____ ………
  9. An honest man is true to (a)______ ………..
  10. Television is the most common and ……..

JSC English Suggestion: Matching

  1. Education is the backbone of a nation
  2. Illiteracy is a curse for the developing country like ours
  3. Culture is a complete picture of our way of life
  4. Honesty is one of the greatest virtues of human being
  5. Drugs bear a terrible effect on the human body
  6. Unemployment is a curse
  7. Punctuality means coming or doing something at the fixed time
  8. Newspaper carries news and views of home and abroad to us.
  9. Deforestation means cutting down of trees in a large number
  10. Character is practically the most valuable wealth in human life

JSC English Suggestion: Suffix and Prefix

  1. Most of the student get (a)____(nerve)…..
  2. My mother is very (a)___ (affection) to me
  3. (a)_____ (Truthful) is a great virtue. A truthful
  4. (a)_____ (honest) is the best of all
  5. Our education remains………..
  6. Success in life depends on the proper….
  7. Trees are (a)____ (use) to a man in many ways

JSC English Suggestion: Articles

  1. Are you looking for Article Suggestion? Here they are…
  2. Bangladesh is our motherland………….
  3. The rainy season is one of (a)______ ………..
  4. Football is (a)_____ popular game in…..
  5. Our life is (a)____ sum total of some…
  6. Each and every student wants……….
  7. Punctuality is (a)____ unique virtue. It….
  8. Once upon a time, there was a dove and (a)_____

JSC English Suggestion: Changing Sentences

  1. The bee is a very industrious
  2. Books are the best companion
  3. Kazi Nazrul Islam is one of
  4. Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the
  5. Bangladesh is a very beautiful
  6. Book is the best of all friends
  7. Cricket is a very exciting game

JSC English Suggestion: Speech or Narration Change

  1. My friend said to me, “Why are you…..
  2. The old man said, “Can you give me….
  3. Once I said to a little girl, “What……….
  4. “Have you prepared your lesson?”……
  5. “Give me a few grains of corn. I am..

JSC English Suggestion: Punctuation and Capitalization

  1. kamal dont be so silly he will come
  2. do you think it is easy to pass english
  3. Alexander the great was the king of macedonia
  4. the teacher said to kamal why are you talking in the class
  5. the man said can you give me some food Ive been
  6. have you finished reading the book said nira yes

JSC English Suggestion: Dialogue Writing

In JSC Examination, the dialogue will come for ten marks. You should write an introduction like “A dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper is given/ displayed below:” Besides, you should write at least 8/10 pairs of conversation.

  1. Between two friends on the importance of reading newspaper.
  2. Between two brothers about the necessity of physical exercise.
  3. Between two friends on the importance of learning English.
  4. Between you and your friend, about your preparation of JSC Examination.
  5. Between two friends about the bad effects of illiteracy.
  6. Between two friends about the importance of learning English.

JSC English Suggestion: Email Writing

Email writing is a new addition to the writing part. Instead of the writing letters, we need to write emails. However, writing letters/ applications/ email quite same. Because the body part will remain the same. Just, the form will be different. The marks will be 10.

  1. An email to your father about your preparation for the coming JSC examination.
  2. An email to your friend thanking him for their hospitality.
  3. An email to your friend about the importance of tree plantation.
  4. An email to a friend inviting to attend the picnic.
  5. An email about the importance of learning English.
  6. An email to a friend thanking for a nice birthday gift.
  7. An email to your younger brother advising him to be sincere to his study.
  8. An email to your friend inviting him/her to attend the birthday party.
  9. About the importance of reading newspaper.
  10. An email to your friend inviting him/her to join the marriage ceremony of your sister.

JSC English Suggestion: Paragraph Writing

In JSC examination, we three items in the writing part. Paragraph writing is one of them. I have given some paragraphs that are important for coming JSC examination. Take this suggestion and start leaning. Paragraphs contain ten marks. There might me word limitation of 150 words.

  1. A tea stall
  2. Our School Library
  3. A Book Fair I Visited
  4. A winter morning
  5. Tree Plantation
  6. A rainy day
  7. The life of Rickshaw Puller
  8. Our National Flag
  9. Load Shedding
  10. Environment Pollution

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