Nature’s Tapestry 2.2.1 || Question and Answer


Question and Answer:

1. How did the environment around you make you feel?

The huge greenery and open sky created a feeling of calmness and relaxation. The sound of nature and natural scenery create a sense of relaxation which refreshed our mind. It also create a positive vibes. Being surrounded the positive energy of nature, one can be optimistic about life. The walk in the natural helps to boost friendship among us.

Finally, it can be said that the natural elements and accompany of friends creates a positive vibes for being optimistic about life.

2. Did it evoke any specific emotions or memories?

Yes, it evokes specific emotions and memories like at the beginning stage a sense of excitement was created. The sounds of nature, fragrance of fresh air and beautiful surroundings created sensory memories in me. The beautiful memories created visual memories. The birds chirping, crystal clear blue water of the lake generated a sensory rich experience.

3. Were there any moments during the work when you felt a strong connection to nature?

Yes, there are some moments when I felt a strong connection to nature. The sounds of nature, fragrance of fresh air and beautiful surroundings touched my inner individual. These elements has made strong connection with me. Whenever I close my eyes, I can still feel the presence of that fragrance of the flower of the park, soothing breeze other evening.

4. How do you think spending time in nature can influence our well being and perspective of life?

Spending time in nature has numerous positive impacts on human mind and body. When anyone spend time in nature there stress level reduce dramatically. It also increase the physical activities of an individual. When we spent time in nature we found ourself in a relaxed situation. The natural scenery and beautiful charping of the bird made our mind soothing. While we were walking in the park, beside mental refreshment our body also became active. Time spending in nature also improve our concentration level. It also increases our social bondes.

In short we can say spending time in nature provides positive approach to become sound mentally and physically. It also made us more social.