Nature’s Tapestry Class 9 2.3.4

nature's tapestry

In this poem the poet uses different types of imagery. Tennyson uses both visual and auditory imagery in this poem. In this activity titles Nature’s Tapestry of class 9 book student will find out the use of different types of imagery.

Nature’s Tapestry Class 9 2.3.4: Now match the sound images in column A with their description in column B

Column AColumn B
a) a voice will run/ from hedge to hedge about the new mown meadi. creates a visual image of birds seeking refuge, from the hot sun in the shade of trees.
b) there shrills / The Cricket’s song, in warmth increasing everii. creates a sense of heat and warmth from the sun’s intensity.
c) hide in cooling treesiii. This line suggests the sound of a voice traveling from one line to another. The lines have created an auditory image of movement and communication.
d) faint with the hot suniv. Suggests the cold and frosty atmosphere of winter.
e) lonely winter evening, when the frostv. The Word “shrills” and the mention of the Cricket’s song evoke the auditory experience of the sound the Cricket makes, which adds to the imagery of warmth and increasing sound.
Solution: a+iii, b+v, c+i, d+ii, e+iv