Our National Flag – Paragraph

(a) What is a national flag? (b) What is the shape of our national flag? (c) Where is it hoisted? (d) What are the colors of our national flag? (e) How can we uphold its honor?

Every free country has a flag of her own. It is the symbol of independence and sovereignty of a free country. Bangladesh is also a free country. So she has got a flag of her own. Her people feel proud of her flag. It reminds us of the valiant struggle of our freedom fighters. Its shape is rectangular having a proportion of 10:6. It is of different sizes according to its use. The flag is hoisted every day on top of our important government buildings and educational institutions. It is hoisted everywhere on the occasions of Independence Day and the Victory Day. The national flag is kept half mast on the occasions of national mourning days. There are two colors. They are green and red. The green is the symbol of the youth and the red is the symbol of the sacrifices of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives. We salute the national flag and remember the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters. I feel very proud of my national flag because whenever I see the national flag it reminds me that I am a citizen of a free country. We can uphold its honor by doing our national duties properly.

Word Meaning: Symbol – প্রতিক; independence – স্বাধীনতা; sovereignty – সার্বভৌমত্ব; proud – গৌরব; remind – স্মরণ করিয়ে দেওয়া; valiant – সাহসিক; struggle – সংগ্রাম; freedom fighter – মুক্তিযােদ্ধা; shape • আকার; rectangular – আয়তক্ষেত্রাকার; proportion of – সমানুপাতিক; according to – অনুসারে; is hoisted : উত্তোলন করা হয়; Government – সরকার; educational institution: শিক্ষাপ্রতিষ্ঠান; occasion: উপলক্ষ; Victory Day – বিজয় দিবস; kept (past form of the keep): রাখা; half-mast – অর্ধনমিত;