Our School | Composition

Our school is a very big high school. It is a two-storied modern building. There are total twenty rooms– the headmaster’s room, the teacher’s room, the library room and the prayer room. Every room is very neat and clean.
There are twenty five teachers in our school. They are kind to us. They teach us with care. Most of the teachers are highly educated and trained. Our Headmaster is highly educated and well experienced person. He is a gentle man. He keeps sharp eyes always on us..
There are about five hundred students in our school. Most of the students are Muslims. The rest of them are Hindus. Some are also from other religions. All of them show a good attitude to all.
To be frank, the results of our school are always very good. Every year a good number of students get A+ in the JSC and SSC examination. Some students get Junior Scholarship every year.
The school has a big play-ground. We play football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton and other games. In Inter School’s games and sports our school earns credit every year.
There is a big library in our school. The library has more than six thousand books. The librarian guides us to use the library. Daily newspapers are available in the library.
We have Red-cross team, National Cadet Core, Scouts in our school. It has debating club, language club and computer club also. It has a good tiffin system.
We observe some annual functions such as the annual sports, the prize giving ceremony, the annual milad, the Shahid day, the Independence Day and other national functions. Students take part in all activities. Many important persons are invited in the functions.
· No doubt, our school has a special image in the country. We feel proud for our school. Because it trains up to be a real citizen. We enjoy here total education.