Our School Magazine – Paragraph

(a) What do you need first to publish a school magazine? (b) How many members are there in the magazine committee? (c) What does it provide? (d) Who write the articles for magazine? (e) How does a school magazine do well to students?

A school magazine is a periodical published by the students and the teachers of a school. The aim of this publication is to encourage young learners to flourish their dormant talents and creative faculties. It contains stories, poems, articles, jokes written by students and teachers. Different school activities which earn the name and fame of the school, are also published with colorful pictures. For publishing a magazine a committee is formed. Under the guidance of a teacher, some selected students work as editors and designers. They collect different articles from the students and select on the basis of artistic excellence to be published in the magazine. It needs a lot of effort from the students and teachers to publish a magazine and while doing it the students learn how to work in a team. The young writers get immense pleasure and confidence when they can see their writings in print. It encourages them to be a writer in the future. They also preserve the magazine with great care as it portrays their own lives and they can carry the memory of their beloved school with it. So a school magazine bears great importance in every educational institution.

Word Meaning: Periodical – সাময়িক পত্রিকা; Encourage – উৎসাহিত করা; Flourish – উন্নীত করা; Dormant talent – সুপ্ত প্রতিভা; Creative faculties – সৃজনশীল অনুষদ; Name and fame – যশ-খ্যাতি; Committee – পরিষদ; Guidance – নির্দেশনা; On the basis – ভিত্তি; Artistic excellence – শৈল্পিক শ্রেষ্ঠত্ব; Effort – প্রচেষ্ঠা; Immense pleasure – অনেক আনন্দ; Confidence – বিশ্বাস;