Paragaraph- Our School Library

  1. What is the school library?
  2. Where is your school library located?
  3. How is it furnished?
  4. How are the books in your library organized?
  5. Who looks after the library?

Our School Library

A school library is a part and parcel of a school. It is the place that can help a man to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Our school has a rich library which is housed in a separate building. It has a rich collection of books. It remains open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Our school library is well decorated. It has two big rooms for reading. The reading rooms are well furnished with wooden chairs and tables. Silence is a must in our school library. All the books are arranged in a logical order according to subjects. The books are kept in separate almirahs subject-wise. There are around 6000 books which include reference books on different subjects. We can borrow books from our school library. For borrowing books, a student needs to issue a library card. A student can borrow two books at a time for a week. All these activities are coordinated by an experienced librarian with two assistants. We are very much interested to visit our library. It has created great attraction on our mind especially on the book lover. We are proud of our school library.


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