Paragraph: How to Do Well in the Examination


Exam is the system through which a student’s performance is measured. so every student wants to do well in the examination. But to do well in the examination one should follow some strategy. First of all he or she has to study regularly. He has to learn everything by understanding.because without proper understanding and regular studying, none can do better in the examination. He or she must be punctual. He should make the best use of time. For this he must maintain a daily routine. According to his daily routine Hi must do his daily activities. We should not put off any of his task for tomorrow. He should prepare his own notes. Then he must learn his notes by understanding it. He needs to revise his lessons frequently. To do well in the examination, he should have a good command over the language. For this reason, he has to spend some time in listening to the radio and television news. He or she should practice writing more to enrich his writing capability. By doing all these things, he or she can do well in the examination.


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