Paragraph: How to learn English


Learning English is quite difficult for any non-English speaker. As we Bengali, English is a foreign language to us. So it is quite difficult to learn English. We have to develop some language skills to learn English. This hour listenings, speaking, reading and writing. It is communicative method of learning English. Jo practice listening skill we have to listen to English discussion and programs. Besides, we have to listen to radio, television programmes and news in English. When we listen to English news or any program, we should try to you understand it. In the class or even outside the class, students should speak English to one another. While we are alone we can speak aloud ourself to practice English speaking. for reading skill and writing skill we have to learn our lessons regularly, have to read all lessons regularly. Everyday we have to write at least 20 minutes on any topic. Thus we can develop our free hand writing skill. For improving writing skill, we have to to learn the basic rules of grammar and sentence patterns. After doing all this things, if we stop practicing, all the efforts will go in vain.


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