Paragraph- My Hobby || Author: Mahedi Hasan Mahei

Guest Posting, Topic: Paragraph- My Hobby

In my balcony garden

My hobby is gardening. I have a garden in my balcony. I always try to plant trees in my garden. It has become an addiction nowadays. In my house, I planted many flower trees with some fruit trees. I have many trees on my balcony. In my balcony, there are many foreign trees. Some trees are gifted at my birthday party, some are purchased etc.  Some names of plants are:  Panthus, Thantus, Capsicum, Madhavi, Roses, Pudina , Minnts  ,Aloe Vera Chilli plant , Grass flowers, Button flowers, Marigold, Rangoon, Belly. If I count  all my plants in total of my balcony, I have 29 plants in my house. I am very conscious about my plants. I give medicine to my plants so that insects cannot attack them. I give water to them every day. I  always clean the bad leaves and keep the nature of the balcony neat and clean. I also give bleaching water to every corner of the balcony so that any mosquito can not breed there.  My balcony is enough for me for making my mind fresh and sound when I am bored. Every day different kinds of flowers bloom in my garden. I get tree-filled peppers on my tree after 7 days. Since my house is on the side of the road, the pedestrians have a good look at my tree. I look at my trees with a lot of love and always take care of them. I will never give up planting trees.

Author: Mehedi Hasan Mahei
Student of Class VII