Population Problem of Bangladesh

Bangladesh became independent only a few years ago. It is a small country as well as a developing country. It faces many problems. But the most complicated problem is its overpopulation. Now it is a national problem. This problem resists all of our prosperities.

About 130 million people live in Bangladesh. Still, about 360 new children are born every day in this country. If this continues then the population of the country will be double in 30 years. But the wealth of the country is limited. So with the growth of the population, the basic needs of the country are increasing day by day. As a result, it causes a shortage of food, houses, and clothing. Again the hungry and ailing children do not turn into manpower. They are constantly becoming a burden to society. The Government has to spend a lot of foreign exchange every year to import food for hungry people.

Majority of the people of this country are illiterate. They do not understand what should be done and what should not be done. On the contrary, early marriage, polygamy is the causes of overpopulation. Without these, the death rate is declining owing to better sanitation, improved medical facilities etc. So, the population is increasing day by day.

The population of Bangladesh has increased by three percent during the last ten years. If the rate remains constant, the total population of our country will be double by the next twenty years. So, it will be serious then.

With natural resources, we must increase our food production to reset the problem. We also should check the birth rate by family planning. The system of polygamy and early marriage has to be stopped. After all, we should avoid religious superstition.

The Government should try his best to control the birth rate. Family planning should be made more popular. Lessons should be taken from the world situation. If nothing positive to check this alarming growth of population is not taken now, a very dark future will be in store for this nation.