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The Pronouns: In short, it is used in a sentence to replace a noun. A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun. – Wren & Martin.

Classification of pronoun

It is of 8 types. For instance:

  1. Personal Pronoun: I, we, he, she, they, you, it.

I go to school.

She goes to school.

  1. Demonstrative Pronoun: This, these, that, those.

This is my pen.

These are my books.

  1. Interrogative Pronoun: What, which, who, whom, whose.

Which book do you want?

Whom do you want?

  1. Relative Pronoun: Who, what, that, which.

This is the that gave me immense pleasure.

I need someone who can take challenges.

  1. Indefinite Pronoun: anyone, anybody, everybody, somebody, someone.

Anyone can solve the task.

someone has stolen my watch.

  1. Reflexive Pronoun: Himself, herself, yourself, myself, ourselves, themselves

He killed himself.

I tried myself.

  1. Reciprocal Pronoun: one another, each other

Do not quarrel with one another.

they like each other.

  1. Distributive Pronoun: Each, either, neither, any, none.

Each boy will get a pen.

You have written two essays but neither is correct

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