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Rights: Rights are such privileges which are necessary for the development of an individual and which are acknowledged by the state.


Childhood means a particular age limit. According to United Nations Charter of Children’s Rights, any person below 18 years of age is a child.

Rights of children:

The privileges provided by the state to establish dignity of the children and to develop human qualities fully are called rights of the children.

Basic objectives of the rights of children:

  • Providing food, cloth, accommodation, education, healthcare, legal, civic and social service & security to children
  • Every child of the society will grow up without any discrimination
  • They will live a healthy and happy life
  • Their talent will be developed
  • To speak, move and express their opinion freely.

So, it is the duty and responsibility of the state to make all policies and implement policies putting highest importance on the interest of children. Children also have the rights to enjoy freedom in certain matters. The United Nations has declared certain rights for the Children.

Charter of Children’s Right:

Approved in- General Assembly of United Nations

Approved on- 20 November 1989

Sections- 54

Some Notable sections are:-

  • Anyone below the age of 18 will be considered a child.
  • All children have equal rights.
  • Parents and children should be conscious of the rights of children.
  • Children have the right to use their own identity.
  • The state holds the responsibility to protect the rights of children.
  • It is the responsibility of the state to ensure children’s freedom.
  • The government is responsible for protecting children from unjust.

Children’s Right. They are:-

  • The state has to ensure the basic needs of children.
  • Rights of children of small ethnic minority groups should be protected.
  • Every child has the right to enjoy leisure.
  • Children’s right to abstain from economic exploitation,
  • Harmful child labor should be protected,
  • No one should engage children in any illegal work.
  • Children cannot be allowed to take part in war.
  • Children’s sense of honor and secrecy should be protected

In short, United Nations has concentrated on all kinds of rights including children’s living, physical and mental growth, education, security, thinking, consideration, expression of opinion and freedom of religion etc.

Bangladesh made state commitment to implement the Charter of Children’s Right. On 26 January 1990 Bangladesh signed on this Charter. Children are deprives of their fundamental right because of

  1. poverty,
    1. lack of education,
    1. lack of awareness and so on.

The government of Bangladesh has made ‘National Child Policy’ to establish the rights of children. The objectives of this steps are-

  • Removing malnutrition of children
  • Ensuring health for all children
  • Distributing Vitamin ‘A’ capsule
  • Ensuring compulsory primary education through the program ‘education for all’
  • Banning the participation of children in heavy and risky work
  • Taking steps for the development of street children
  • Making and enforcing law against oppression of children
  • To create family violence prevention act and implement it.
  • To create human trafficking prevention act
  • Paying special attention to unprivileged and disabled children
  • Massive public awareness is needed to implement the rights of children.

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