Top 10 Online Education Sites In Bangladesh


Top 10 Online Education Sites In Bangladesh

If you love to learn online and you are looking for the best education portal website or the top 10 education sites in Bangladesh this article will help you to find out that. In this article, we have shared top 10 education sites of Bangladesh that will help you to learn online. you can check out the list of top ten education sites below. If you find this article helpful please share it with friends and family members so that they can also learn online. So let’s check out the most popular online education sites in Bangladesh.

  1. 10 Minutes School
  2. StudyPress
  3. Amar Pathshala
  6. Education Pedia of Bangladesh
  7. Shikkhon Batayon
  8. Mukto Path

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1. 10 Minute School

10 Minute School ( is one of the most popular online sites in Bangladesh. It has started slowly but now it is growing rapidly with almost 150000 students attending the classes regularly. It has a YouTube channel as well, having more than 1 Million subscribers. 10 minutes School is being sponsored by Tech Giants Robi and also endorsed by other numerous public figures.

Their articles and video classes are good enough to help students of JSC, SSC, HSC, and professional exams. The modules are divided into JSC, SSC, HSC, University Admission, University Courses Skill Development, Professional Courses, etc. Students can watch chapter and topic-wise pre-recorded lecture videos, attempt quizzes and even attend live classes on Facebook. The coolest part of the 10 minutes school is that their service is completely free for the students.

2. StudyPress

StudyPresss ( mainly focused on competitive public exams for jobs both government jobs or private jobs. This site is a meeting place for students who want to do better in their competitive exams such as BSC, government job exams, bank jobs or PSC exam.

The study module is divided into different parts – BSC, Bank, Govt. Job, NTRCA, MBA. Under all these sections, you will find study materials, recent questions and model tests. You can read, practice, take a quiz or sit for a model test for your target exam. They are well organised and they have both IOS and Android apps for learning from mobile devices. For using their services, learners need to sign up for the first time. They can use an email address or Facebook ID for signup and login.

3. Amar Pathshala

Amar Pathshala [] is an excellent educational website. The website shares a wide range of learning materials like admission, result, video tutorial, suggestion, and more for the students. You can also get here BCS and other job preparation guide.

4. is one of the oldest online learning sites in Bangladesh. This site hub of knowledge seekers especially ICT background. They have a wide range of video tutorials. They have prepared lessons for Web Development, Programming, Computer Science, ICT, Mobile game and Apps development, Networking, language etc. Though it is not known to most of the youth, this site has been a hub for knowledge seekers for many years. It has been founded in 2012. The lectures are designed for everybody to understand. The best thing about is that it has a panel of teachers who are expert and excelled in their own educational field.

5. eShikhon is an online course selling platform like, They have different types of online courses. You can take any online course at a very low cost obviously in Bangla language. Those who want to do something from home, I want to take freelancing as a career, they can develop their skills by taking online courses from this site.

You can also take different model tests to prepare yourself with your subjects. You can try out a technical audio-visual course from a range of courses like CPA training, SEO, WordPress, graphic design, affiliate marketing, android development etc.

6. Educationpedia of Bangladesh

Students those who are trying to get admission in universities. This website ( can help them to get better marks in the admission test. This website is packed with different information which is very important for admission tests. Students can prepare for University admission tests using the information that is provided by education pedia of Bangladesh. All departmental subjects like Humanities, Science and Commerce can be studied at the admission preparation tab.

7. Shikkhok Batayon

Shikkhok Batayon Is a project of the government of Bangladesh. The aim of the project is digitalization of education in our country. This website is enriched with PowerPoint presentations prepared by teachers of different schools and colleges. According to the instruction of the government teachers of different well-known schools and government, schools have become members of this site.

The teachers of the well-known institutions prepare notes, learning materials, PowerPoint presentations for the learners and then they submit those teaching aids on this website. So this website is a store-house of different learning materials for the teachers and the students.

8. Muktopaath

Muktopaath ( is another project of Bangladesh government. Our education-friendly present government has taken initiatives to impart online education to the people of this country. This website is another example of digitalization and the spread of education. This project is powered by the ICT department of Bangladesh government, a2i project, Cabinet division, UNDP. You will find different online courses here some are paid courses while some others are free for all.


If you are preparing for the BCS exam, teachers registration or MBA exam or other public exams, Pre Test BD can help you to test yourself. At the last stage of your preparation, you can take a test from this website ( More than 20000 questions are there for you to go through and for your preparation at the very last moment.

10. MCQStudy

MCQ Study is completely dedicated to BSC exam preparation. They have taken a great initiative to help job seekers. You will find the latest study contents on different topics to study on the go from your PC, laptop or smartphone. As a result, you can study where you want. After preparing yourself for the exam, sit for a model test exam to check your status. This is a good site in the list of bd online learning site.


With the passage of time, we can see immense development in the ICT sector. Besides, we can observe the use of ICT in education and other sectors in our life. These top 10 education websites in Bangladesh can help you to reach your goal of life.

Maybe you want to be a BCS cadre, Banker, doctor, engineer. Whatever is your goal of life, education is a must. These online e-learning websites in Bangladesh or online education platforms in Bangladesh can help you acquire proper knowledge which will take you to the pinnacle of success.


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