Value Of Time


Time is the most valuable thing in our life. It is more valuable than health and wealth. Our life is made of moments and hours. So to kill time is shorten life. * Time and tide wait for none. Once the time is passed they never come back. But they differ from each other too. Time does not follow in vain. It makes the land fertile when it passes away. If it is wasted, it makes our life barren and if utilized, it makes us happy.

Success in life depends on the right use of time. Our life is very short. But within this short time, we have to do various duties. So we must be punctual. There should be time for reading, time for play, time for other works, time for rest and time for prayer. All the great men made the right use of time. Even the lower animals like bees and ants make proper use of time.

Those who waste time can never prosper in life. Idleness is the root of all evils. An idle man cannot earn his living. He must not keep a job for tomorrow and it is never done. Moreover, an idle brain is the devil’s workshop.

The benefits of time are too many. So we should make proper use of time. We must not defèr anything for a future date.


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