Voice Change Exercise – Interrogative Sentence

In English Grammar, voice change is a very important part of sentence form transformation. Actually, it expresses whether a verb is acted or acted upon by the subject. To be efficient in sentence transformation or voice change, regular practice is very important. Let’s see how we can change an interrogative sentence from active to passive. To make the change easier, we will follow three steps.

Step 1: Convert the interrogative into an assertive sentence.
Step 2: Change the assertive sentence from active to passive.
Step 3: Bring the auxiliary verb before the subject and use a question mark.


This post is based on voice change exercise. Here if you press get the answer you will find the answer.

  1. Do you play football?
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    Is football played by you?
  2. Did the boy catch a bird?
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    Was a bird caught by the boy?
  3. Does she write a letter?
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    Is a letter written by her?
  4. Don’t you like tea?
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    Isn’t tea liked by you?
  5. Doesn’t Rumi prepare his lessons daily?
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    Isn’t his lessons prepared daily by Rumi?
  6. Didn’t Lucy sing a song?
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    Wasn’t a song sung by Lucy?
  7. Will they help the poor?
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    Will the poor be helped by them?
  8. Shall I catch fish?
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    Will a fish be caught by me?
  9. Is he doing the work?
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    Is the work being done by him?
  10. Are they making a noise?
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    Is a noise being made by them?
  11. Has he taken the book from the table?
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    Has the book been taken from the table by him?
  12. Were you calling me?
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    Was I being called by you?
  13. Have they made him captain?
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    Has he been made captain by them?
  14. Can I help you?
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    Can you be helped by me?
  15. Haven’t they finished the work?
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    Hasn’t the work been finished by them?
  16. Will he be reading a book then?
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    Will a book be being read by him then?
  17. Wasn’t he drawing a picture? 
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    Wasn’t a picture being drawn by him?
  18. Isn’t he painting a picture?
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    Isn’t a picture being painted by him?
  19. Who is helping her?
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    By whom is she being helped?
  20.  Who called me?
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    By whom am I being called?
  21.  Who has made the cage?
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    By whom has the cage being made?
  22. Who gave you the watch?
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    By whom was the watch given to you?
  23. Who has broken the pitcher?
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    By whom has the pitcher been broken?
  24. Who teaches you English?
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    By whom are you taught English?
  25. Who will drive the car?
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    By whom will the car be driven?
  26. Who will be reading the book?
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    By whom will the book be being read?
  27. Who was blowing the pipe?
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    By whom was the pipe being blown? 
  28.  Whom did you want?
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    Who was wanted by you?
  29. Whom has he seen in the room?
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    Who has been seen in the room?
  30.  Whom are they calling?
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    Who are being called by them?
  31. Whom do you want?
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    Who is wanted by you?
  32.  Whom did you give the book?
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    Who was given the book?
  33. Whom will he teach?
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    Who will be taught by him?
  34. Whom did you lend the pen?
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    Who was lend the pen?
  35. What does he want?
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    What is wanted by him?
  36. What did he do yesterday?
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    What was done yesterday by him?
  37. What are you reading?
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    What is being read by you?
  38.  What will you read?
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    What will be read by you?
  39. What has he seen?
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    What has been seen by him?
  40. Which book do you want?
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    Which book is wanted by you?

More Exercise:
Change the following sentence into passive:

  1. Who spoke it?
  2. Who does it?
  3. Who has broken it?
  4. Who is doing it?
  5. Who did it?
  6. What does Karim seek?
  7. What did you do?
  8. Who do you want?
  9. Who does she seek?
  10. Why does he disclose the fact?
  11. Why do they take the pen?
  12. When will you make the kite?
  13. Where did Mamun fid you?
  14. Where have you taken him?
  15. How have you done this?
  16. How does he finish the work?
  17. How did you carry it?
  18. When did he send the letter?