What is Abstract Noun?

Abstract noun is the noun which exists in our mind only and we cannot recognize them through our senses such as relationships, qualities, ideas, theories, freedom, idea, happiness, music, conditions, states of being, fields of inquiry, like, etc.

যে noun দ্বারা কোনো সম্পর্ক, অনুভূতি, ধ্যান-ধারণা, অবস্থা ইত্যাদির নাম প্রকাশ করে তাকে abstract noun.

An Abstract Noun is the name of a quality, action or state belonging to an object. – PK DE Sarkar.

Example Sentences:

(i) Knowledge is power.

(ii) Education is the backbone of a nation.

(iii) She is beauty.

(iv) Love is Heaven.

(v) He is a national hero.

(vi) It is not true that a judge always give right justice.

(vii) Greenery in the environment is natural beauty.

(viii) Love is an uncontrollable desire. (ix) My determination is to get higher education.

(x) Freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives during Independence of Bangladesh.

(xi) Weekends are the source of great joy for children.