What is Proper Noun?

Definition of Proper Noun:

A proper noun is a noun used to name individual person, place or any organization. It is written with its first letter in capital and does not matter the place of its occurrence in the sentence.

A Proper Noun is the name of one particular person, place, thing or event (or group of persons or places) as distinct from every other. -PK DE Sarkar


  1. Albert Einstein was a physicist
  2. I live in Bangladesh from my birth.
  3. She failed to get a job in Microsoft.
  4. I saw Titanic movie first time in the cinema hall.
  5. I got a gold medal for Badminton.
  6. I like Doraemon cartoon very much.
  7. I was travelling in the Arctic with my friends.
  8. My ship crossed the Atlantic in 8 days.
  9. The Statue of Liberty is located in New York.
  10. I saw the Eiffel Tower in scenery only.